Image Guidelines

  • You can upload up to 8 images for each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.
  • Maximum file size is 1MB
  • First Image will be the main image of your product.
  • First Image should be the front view of the product
  • Watermarked images are not allowed
  • Background of the product should always be white
  • Image size should always be 680x850 pixels. If your image is between 1000x1000 and 2000x2000 pixels you can use our image crop tool to re-size, rotate and crop your images.

To access this tool just click on the pencil button on the top left corner of each image you upload (illustrated below).

Note: The edit icon will only appear on newly uploaded / unapproved images



How to use the tool?

1. Zoom in or out to make the product cover 80% of the white space

2. Drag the grid to make sure the product is centrally positioned

3. Use arrow buttons to rotate the image if required

4. Click on 'Crop' to save the changes